Lightning – What? Why?

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Lightning Experience or simply Lightning is a fresh look and feel on your Salesforce orgs. All these years people were happy using the Classic version of Salesforce but now everyone seems to be moving towards Lightning. That begs the question why?


Lighting Experience or LEX is built on a UI framework (Aura) which is mostly on the client-side and is extremely fast (and hence ‘lightning’) and responsive. This makes working on Salesforce more fun as not only your applications look more soothing to the eye but they are also performing relatively faster than their classic counterparts.

For Web developers migrating to Salesforce-

I am myself a web developer with a long experience in various client-side scripting frameworks(javascript, jQuery, angular etc.) and .NET (C#) who has moved to Salesforce in recent years. So I believe I am qualified to speak on the subject. If you have fun working with client-side scripting and ajax calling and HTML and CSS and JSON and stuff then lightning components will come easy to you. Because that’s what it is all about under the fancy name Lightning.

Coming ahead-

In my upcoming posts, I will talk about how to get started with Lightning components development and how to best go about it. To learn from scratch trailhead is always the best place to start but if you are looking to have a crash course and coming from a web development background then this website is for you. Keep checking for further updates.

Bishwambhar Sen
Bishwambhar Sen is an IT professional with over 10 years of industry experience. He is a Salesforce certified developer and admin. When he is not configuring and customising, he loves photography, traveling and blogging.
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