Fun with Salesforce!!

Salesforce tutorials by Bishwambhar Sen

If you are a programmer and new to Salesforce and looking to quickly get a hang of the various customisation techniques, then you are at the right place. Here, we focus more on hands-on techniques and tips and tricks than mere theoretical knowledge which you can easily find in trailhead or any of the gazillions of salesforce blogs on the internet. Let the fun begin!

Component Events with example

Component Events:  In my previous post, I demonstrated how application events can be used. This post is all about using component events. As explained in my earlier posts, component events are slightly different from application events because they are bound by...

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Application events with example

Component Events:  In  In my previous post I gave a brief theoretical introduction about the different lightning events we have in Salesforce. In this post I am gonna show how you can use the different types of events.   Application events: As explained in my...

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Lightning events-What?Why?

Communication between components: So you started off by building individual components which would be self-sufficient and won't depend on any other component for its data or information. Lets say you created a simple form which would allow you to save data or when...

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Lightning Data Service in Action!!

In my previous post, we had some theoretical taste of what is Lightning Data Service or LDS. In this post I will show you what LDS can do and how it can make your life as a developer better!  I would be reusing the Student Custom Object since we are kinda used to...

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Salesforce is not just a CRM tool. It is much more than that. It offers you a platform to build your own stuff as well. All these years, Salesforce Admins would get the job done easily and there was hardly any need for customisation as Salesforce itself recommends going for configuration rather than customisation. But in the recent years, the trend is gradually changing and the clients are no longer satisfied with Out-of-the-Box (OOB) solutions. They need everything customised (kinda beats the purpose of having OOB) and that’s where people like me and you (considering you are a programmer) come into the picture. People who were happily coding away their life in Java or C# or even C++ or may be PHP are now slowly joining the salesforce party. Who can blame them? Salesforce is selling like hot cakes in the market and every one wants a piece. Those who wanna start from scratch and have plenty of time in their hands, this website/blog is not for them. For you guys the best place to be is TrailHead  . For those who wanna quickly get started with the basics and put to use your existing programming knowledge, this is where you come. I would like to thank a few people who helped me fix this wordpress website as i am knew to wordpress and had a hard time trying to speed up the website. It might still be slow for few of you but I am trying to get a CDN soon and hopefully everything will be hunkie dory! Sean Davis from SDAVIS MEDIA and Ananda Projapoti from


I configured Cloudflare as my CDN (their free plan, which is decent enough!) and performed a lot of optimizations I learnt from the above mentioned two blogs and tried almost everything. But I realised it the hard way that a poor hosting cannot be compensated for even by a brilliant CDN. I was fed up of the poor server speed and eventually decided to move on to a new hosting provider about which I read on a number of websites and they all gave super reviews about it. I moved on to SiteGround and my life has never been the same. My website is now blazing fast and I can now focus on creating content rather than worry about website performance and google page ranking! I am actually planning to write in detail about my experience in a separate page.

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